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Child Support based on Income?

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  • Child Support based on Income?

    When calculating income is it box 40 on T4s or line 150 in tax form?

    Have a full time job and a part-time personal home business.

    First year in business, lost money.

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    For the self employment, income is calculated different. There are certain expenses you can deduct.

    For employment income, its line 150.


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      How is the income calculated for the self employed? On the same boat, but self employed and owner of business that runs on minus it's in infancy state, it's against a big debt, will take years to go on positive.


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        Presumably your ex is getting an income. Just because he claims business losses doesnít mean he isnít taking income. Otherwise they should go get a job and close the business.


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          I am the one in cause, overworking to keep the door open of the business in the hope will become productive.


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            Are you looking for off set support with a 50/50 situation?

            Do you have a timeline for when it will start making money?

            If you have been running it in the red for a few years with no expectation of getting out of debt your ex could argue you have skills and abilities to get a job outside of the home so to speak.


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              This os the second year, first year towards the end was separation date as well and the business was open. I understand. Thank you.


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