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Why All T4 Info Needed?

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  • Why All T4 Info Needed?

    Form 13.1 asks for three years of assessment forms plus entire tax return needed. Are not the assessments mirroring the info on the T4's? Also why are the actual info slips(charity, t4,t5 etc) needed. That info is on the income tax forms as well.

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    Im not sure that its the whole tax return per se but simply the T1 (4 pages) plus any relevant schedules. Unless you own a business then possibly additional info.


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      it's redundant information. tax return just the summary page sent to CRA - not your 90 page booklet.

      Generally, nothing about CS makes sense. it's mostly just cash for life for butthurt exes who have won custody.
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        Why? Because self-employed people often are not honest about presenting their income information. If you are a hard-working, honest individual who can corroborate income then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

        This is a standard request for self-employed.


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