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RPP and child support calculation

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  • RPP and child support calculation

    HELLO new here.

    I have a question about RPP.
    The ex has a registered pension plan (RPP) through work. I noticed the amount does not show on the T4, therefore it won't show up on Line 150 which is what we use to calculated child support. Can this be added back for child support purposes? My employer paid RSP is on my T4 so I don't see why I can't add his back. He works for government so it's quite large yearly in the amount of about $15,000 a year. It seems unfair if I can't include as part of his income for child support purposes, it is an employer paid benefit.


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    More than likely that rolls right into his pension and he never sees that money so no, it canít be rolled in.

    If your employer makes an RSP matching contribution that isnít considered income either.


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      My employer gives me an 6% RSP, and it is included in box 14 of the T4. I have confirmed this with payroll that it is included in box 14 as a taxable income. Are you saying that they should not be doing that?


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        No your company is doing it right. The two are different.

        If you are in an off set situation you could try to argue it shouldnít be included in the income calculation because you donít see it in your pay cheques.

        Adversely, you could argue the $15,000 is income for your ex (even though they donít see it) if it is the same every year but that is a waste of money on lawyers and court.


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