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Period allowed for Equalization payment

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    Originally posted by Janus View Post
    I agree, and I'm shocked that she would agree to anything other than an immediate payment for equalization. She must not have a lawyer.

    Warning: If she doesn't have a lawyer then your agreement can always be revisited and overturned at a later date.

    So very true.

    I agree with Janus and Paris.
    Pay her out asap.


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      Originally posted by paris View Post
      Take the money out of your pension and pay her off. You can spend the next few years putting what you propose to be giving her back into your pension.

      I still think he should pay her off.

      I just wanted to point out though that many pension plans will not in fact allow you to reimburse the money that was taken out for a family law division.


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        Period allowed for Equalization payment

        EDIT: Re-read the entire thread.

        Talking to a financial advisor is your best bet. If you have a large pension, you could also see about deferring retirement or even deferring using it and still working for a few years.
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