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Equalization questions.

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  • Equalization questions.

    So the amicable ex has decided change his tune. We had agreed on he children and financials and somehow he has now decided that he will make me another offer. Take it or leave it he says. I have had to retain a lawyer and been given papers to get and fill out for financials. How does anyone find out what the cost of houses, down payments, bank account totals etc from 20 years ago?
    RRSP is personal or joint asset for married time only or include common law? We had two kids unmarried and got married 3 years after living together.
    Pensions??? The big one. Married or common law? Do they start the clock upon marriage or living common law. I had two babies while living together so my maternity leaves have left me with zero in those years for pension.
    Anyone gone through this?
    I have to fill out the FSCO paperwork and it appears I need his agreement for common law agreement He will be difficult. How does one get documents signed mutually with a stbx that is hostile.

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    I thought that years spent as common law were treated the same as married, except maybe you have to be common law for x number of years before you have to divide assests, but maybe it depends on which province you live in?


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      the canada pension part drops your , i think 5 years, of lowest income from the calculation, so that will help. you can apply to share that assest with ex equally. As far as work pensions, it just becomes another assest and you split the value of those assests in half. I guess the first thing to figure out is if the common law years count. I think if you have kids together they count sooner than if you dont.


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        When you look through the sections of the forum you find the stuff you are looking for...

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