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Collecting childcare fees

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  • Collecting childcare fees

    Our situation is a 50/50 split with a 50/50 split of section 7 expenses. Child support levels are in dispute, but currently paid in full. That said, my former spouse has not contributed to daycare since September which puts her 6 months in arrears. My patience is at an end, it is a constant struggle to recover the share of costs on daycare, medical, etc.. To be sure, her income is north of 100k, hardship should not be an issue. So what is the best path to get the other share of section 7 expenses, such as daycare? I would prefer to avoid court due to cost, and impact on the family. can I deduct from child support? are there any low-conflict, innovative ways that families have worked through this? looking for smart solutions that reduce conflict and get this resolved fairly. thank you in advance.

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    Do you have an order outlining the costs as a dollar amount? Are you in a province with an enforcement agency?

    If yes, file it for enforcement.

    If no, you will need an order which requires a motion to change.

    What is their response when you have inquired about the fees?


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