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    Thank you for this. I canít emphasis how much I appreciate all that has taken the time to chime in. I pay a lawyer that loves answering my uneducated family law questions. I would represent myself but feel I will get embarrassed as I do not know all the family law rules. Going with my heart and I what I feel is in the best interest of the child doesnít hold much weight in a court room against a venteran lawyer.

    2013, for financial does say we are to exchange to each other. Iím really bothered by so many saying you should have known to just exchange ? Is it not her obligation to ďjust know to exchange ď as well?

    My daughter is very fortunate to have both her mother and father in very good financial situations. I guess going above and beyond my required court order financial obligation all these years means nothing. lol

    My only hope is to prove my daughter all these years has been in my care more than 40%. The following the judges orders, is sad, I feel, that I failed on trying to be fair and understanding with her mother. I think as grown adults, if we both put a little effort in on trying to keep it out of a court room, my daughter would be the winner not myself or her mother.

    Thank you for your advice Arabian and Janus, I will make an offer to settle retro in advance of Feb 26 not 2nd court date.

    Itís NOT about money, if I chose to fight the retro, the judge might look at my case as the only reason I want the order changes is because of the support. I have emails and texts over the years that prove my case on time with my daughter, Iím thankful that my common law partner will be able to write a sworn affidavit to support as well.

    Once again, thank you. I say it a lot as I truly mean it.


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