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Likelihood of Offset child support on interim motion?

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  • Likelihood of Offset child support on interim motion?

    Hey guys and girls. Hope everyone at least somewhat enjoyed their holiday and looking forward to a better year this year.

    I'm curious, what is the likelihood of offset child support on an interim motion? Is it more likely on final hearing?

    Material change is my loss of employment and 50.50 arrangement since nearly 4 months ago. It was in place out of court originally and then put into a final court order last Month. So I have 50.50 already in place.

    Last court date they indicated that they were agreeable to offset. Is there likelihood of them changing their mind?

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    There is always a likelihood of the other party changing their mind. You know your ex better than we do though.


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      If incomes need to be imputed, then you may need a trial. Otherwise it should be done at a motion.

      Unless you signed an agreement to pay full table with shared access, then you should be successful. Straight offset would be the start, and then depending on additional costs, etc - which there shouldn't be any, would determine if you deviate from that.


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