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  • Exchange of payments?

    S7 expenses are not enforce through FRO. I have encoured a few medical expenses and other parent is willing to pay half but will be leaving payments in her mailbox at the exchange. I generally like to drop child off at curb and leave but this seems to be a way for her to "make me" go to her door and reach into her mailbox to "get" my money.

    I'm really curious how you would all handle a situation like this ? Just avoid the whole mailbox thing and ask for an extension on transfer?

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    Bump !

    E transfer**


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      I would ask for the etransfer but make it a light request where you assume compliance.

      "Do we even have mailboxes any longer? I don't think I would recognize it. How much do etransfers cost with your bank? Let me know, and just deduct that amount from the payment. Thanks!

      Password: how about our child's middle name? Doesn't really matter, just let me know


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        Or turn on auto deposit, no password required.


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          The point is to assume that the payment will be made by direct deposit, and to discuss other trivial details (such as the password) to emphasize how obvious it is that direct deposit is the way to go.

          ...and then yes, turn on auto deposit anyway. The important thing was to discuss the password, not the password itself.


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