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Can/should a lawyer charge for follow up voice mails?

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  • Can/should a lawyer charge for follow up voice mails?

    Just wondering, can or should a lawyer charge you when they are not able to keep up with their time commitments to do something and you have to keep following up for them to make some progress..

    Feels as though the longer they can take to do something, the more money they can make from the task itself and the follow up emails and phone calls generated as a result.

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    I was in private practice for a long time before moving to the public sector- so my answer is yes, they absolutely can.

    The squeaky wheel gets the oil, but will be charged for it.

    That being said- if it's a follow up on something I promised and I didn't get to it- which, lets be real, happens with ALL lawyers...then I wouldn't charge for that followup communication- for example, an email saying "Sorry for the delay- I will have you the draft by X date"...if your lawyer does that..that's poor form and I would be looking for a new lawyer.


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