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29 Year Old and Still Dependent?

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  • 29 Year Old and Still Dependent?

    How on earth did this matter not end much sooner for this father? If I read that correctly, daughter has attempted not ONE, not TWO but SIX College programs, out of which she only has one credit to show for it?

    So, out of this case mom owes dad a substantial amount in child support overpayment if I understood the finding correctly. It's all fine and dandy if mom has the means to repay the overpayment, but what about situations where mom doesn't have the means to repay? What happens then?

    It is beyond ridiculous that a twenty nine year old still has to reside with mom, and depend on mom to pay for food, clothing and shelter, as well as provide emotional support.

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    Originally posted by m-chan68 View Post

    How on earth did this matter not end much sooner for this father?
    Father didn't go to court. It is hard to end something legally if you avoid court.

    That said, the irksome part is that the mother's costs awards, that were not enforceable by FRO, will now be paid by money that was taken by FRO. Furthermore, the judge explicitly said that any costs arising from this decision will not be enforceable by FRO, though he did indicate that it might be offset from the offset...


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