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Vary Child Support - Payor lives in other province

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  • Vary Child Support - Payor lives in other province

    Good morning everyone,

    Been a long time since I posted but this site has a plethora of knowledge and I could use a bit of insight;

    Im trying to help a friend self rep here as much as I can, heres the problem in a nutshell;

    Divorce was granted in Saskatchewan, mom moved to Alberta with a set amount of child support and Dad moved to Manitoba.

    The order needs to be updated to reflect current income (Hes not providing it but thats a matter that a judge will have to speak to).

    I had looked at the courts website and thought that the 'change interjurisdictional child support application' would be the correct form to use, however it looks like my friend is ineligible under the criteria so heres my question;

    How would she go about varying child support when she lives in Alberta and he lives in Manitoba? Does anyone know the correct form to use?

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