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Time frame when CS ends after daughter graduates from University...

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  • Time frame when CS ends after daughter graduates from University...

    My daughter recently graduated from university (April 2018) with a degree in Nursing. She now has a part-time job in that field. She still lives with her mother and is 21 years old. Will be 22 in November. Is it now reasonable to request CS to stop?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If shes done her first degree then cs was to stop as of May 1. You should be advising your ex that as she has completed school, she is no longer a child of the marriage as defined by the divorce act and you will be stopping the payments.

    If you are with FRO you will need either an agreement with your ex or a new court order.


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      Yes I'am with the FRO. I will send an e-mail to her lawyer and ask if she is agreeable to ending CS. If not, I assume, I will file the appropriate documents and get a new order. If I have to go the route of them not agreeing, is the CS that was paid after May refundable?

      Thanks again


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        I would include in the email that if she is agreeable to ending it immediately, you will not seek a reimbursement. If she is not agreeable, you will ask the court for that money back and your costs for the motion.

        Call your caseworker at FRO as well and make it known it is not payable and fill out the form on their site to stop payment.


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          Thank-you very much for your help, I will do that this evening.


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            yes, of course, you have an adult daughter with a professional degree.


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