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    Is in normal practice to list ex as a beneficiary for Life insurance in a separation agreement?

    Should it not be to the kids, in trust?

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    You list an adult as the beneficiaries with the insurance as in trust. It can be someone you both trust.

    Technically it is to secure your child support obligations. Your insurance provider should know how to do this.

    You will also need a will that specifies that the insurance policy is in place and the executor of your will is to ensure that the payments are made for the child support obligations. Your estate lawyer will know how to word this too.


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      Thank you!!


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        Should also note if you have an additional life insurance policy, put it in the name of your estate. Then it can be released easily for funeral expenses.

        *the things you learn when you get a will done...


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          My Wasband was court ordered to prove that I am the beneficiary of his life insurance.

          Good thing too because he went and had himself a heart attack! Karma.


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