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    Sixty year old woman... Husband 62
    Married 1993
    Husband left Nov 2016
    Husband living in his fathers vacant home for free, his dad is living with his girlfriend. 88years old
    Without getting into a lot of detail we have been living in separate homes and have remained status quo financially. I am currently seeking a lawyer to get a legal separation rolling. I first tried mediation but my husband was not at all serious, dragging his heals, saying one thing doing another etc. My husband does not have any assets, a low paying job... Small pension. He had total control of the on line banking as he had a computer I didn't. The times I tried to look at our banking the computer would freeze up and I was never successful and gave up trusting he was taking care of the finances. We bought our home in 1993 for $95.00 now 25 years later we owe $160.000 We refinanced several times. I trusted him when he said we were in the hole all the time. His dad who has a large estate said we would inherit his fortune one day. I have learned that I am now taken out of the will. I have only been taking care of his dad and his wife for many years etc.
    My question is about support. Because my husband is retiring soon does he have to pay me support after retirement? I love my home and want to keep it as it was my parents home and I spent some of my years growing up there.
    If my husband has no assets and retires and he inherits his dad's estate is that then considered his asset and does he pay me from his inheritance? Or once my husband retires which he might do just to spite me or I'm I just out of luck?

    I gave up my job in 1993 when our daughter was born. We did not want to send her to day care and we did not have any support to help take care of her if I worked full time. Over the many years I always had part time jobs. I was always working to add to the bank account.

    I was told this is a good site to gain information. If anyone can give me some insight I truly would appreciate it. I didn't know anything about divorce and now I need a big education. With thanks

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    Pensions are split upon a divorce, and you generally do not get support from an asset that has been equalized (that is known as double dipping). You do however get the cash, which can be used to provide your own support.

    Conversely, the inheritance will not be equalized, so I think it is reasonable that it could be used to provide support. Given that you are completely dependent upon him financially, and given your age, I imagine that indefinite support would likely be ordered.


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      Read this article today online..
      "if after separation or divorce you have been ordered by a court to pay spousal support to your Ex, the fact that you have come into an inheritance may be a factor that amounts to a significant change in circumstances, and one that entitles a court to revisit your support obligation."

      Read more at:


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