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    Apparently the child support tables changed effective November 2017. Surprise surprise they're screwing the payors for even MORE child support even if your income remains the same.

    The government website, however, notes that "The updated tables will not automatically apply to a child support order made before November 22, 2017...". I've been paying child support for a few years now. There was no court order, but a properly executed separation agreement. It mentions table amounts and actually notes the precise amount of child support based on the prior tables.

    There is no question over my income, merely IF I need to pay a higher amount based on the November 2017 tables vs the prior table amount.

    Any comments from the forum on this ?

    Thanks !

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    You pay based off the 2017 update. That is what the courts would order.

    Your order specifies "table amounts", this is the updated table. I found out about the update when I got my raise in January and pumped it into the calculator to see what I should pay.

    That said, I did the math as I was pissed with another increase in the table amounts (I've now gone through it twice, I've been paying so long). But the math says that I am still at about 11.X% grosse, which was about the percentage I was paying 10 years ago.


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      Sadly I suspected that was the case but thank you for feedback. I wouldn't even mind if it was actually being used for "child support" but I have my doubts how much of the "child support" is actually being used to benefit my kids....
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        I guess that is where I know I am lucky. I know my c/s is being spent on the kid. She is well cared for and has a closet of clothes that most kids her age would be envious of. My ex has gone on 1 trip without the kid in all the years, and that was when the kid was at Disney with me.

        While I may complain about c/s and look forward to the day I no longer have to pay, simply because of the hit it puts in the pocket book. But I don't begrudge it entirely as I see it going towards my kid.


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