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  • Ceasing Child Support

    So this thread isn't absolutely about ceasing child support, it is more about the best way to proceed with child support. My husband is dealing with parental alienation, not putting son two flights so far, this Christmas was the latest example. There is not much we can do, son lives in Ontario, we are in NS. The first time it happened I tried calling a lawyer to look at options and nobody in the area the son lives could take on the case, small town. We have to hire in that area because the lawyers know the law in that area, as well we can't afford to fly, put a lawyer up in hotels, etc from here. The son has completely stopped communication with his father, and his father's grandmother. We don't really know why, he told me he won't talk about it.

    The bottom line is, he is finishing grade 12 this year, if accepted, going away for university. He will be receiving a Canada pension disability, just happened and being backdated 19 months, he does have native status (we get mixed responses on what that means for education contributions from the mother). How are matters like these, from experiences, typically handled? Does the father pay cs for the months he is home with his mother? I know the mother won't touch section 7 expenses for university, because she won't pay for it. What is the best way to proceed, for the child? Any advice is appreciated.

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    Sorry, just to add, what I meant is, we have no idea what his education is going to cost, actual expenses. We know the mother won't contribute, father would like to. The disability amounts is because the child's father is permanently disabled, not the child. The mother or child has not discussed university at all with father, or what the actual intentions. The child told me directly, as I was asking his plans. He won't talk to his father. He is now no longer talking to me because he did not get on the plane for a second trip and the mother only sent an email to say this, the day of.


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      Just about every major university in the country has a "Native Student Services" division and you can obtain information about funding. You can also find out from Federal Government websites. Does your son have a treaty card? What is his status?

      There is plenty of funding available (tuition, supplies, travel etc.)to aboriginal/First Nations population for post-secondary education.
      Mother probably is simply not aware (depending upon which Band she is a member of she can likely find out from Band office).

      Check out internet for additional resources.


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        He does have a status card. He is Alconquin, but I would think not full status (I don't really know how that works), I think his grandmother on his mother's side is full status. I think they have their cards but didn't get them until later in life, so maybe you are right, just not sure what their entitlements are. Thanks for the info, i'm going to look it up.


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