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when does FRO get involved?

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  • when does FRO get involved?

    coles note: separated May 2014, sep. agreement signed Oct 2015, CS has been paid on time and in full by cheque every month since separation, nothing ever filed with courts to my knowledge, joint/equal access of 2 kids

    Several months ago, Ex has dropped home phone and refuses to answer her cell phone when kids are with her. We have a clause in SA that states each parent can call the kids once per day when not under their care (she calls a minimum of once/day and I have maintained home phone and answer my cell if we are away from home). Kids are 14 and 12 now. After pushing for months to have the other parent then get the kids cell phones, I said I would take the matter into my own hands and get them base plans and simply remove that amount from the monthly CS I pay. She is freaking out and threatening to get FRO involved.

    1. I'm curious - will they if there's just a SA?
    2. I was successful in getting income imputed to her in the SA but she is continually quitting jobs, taking unpaid time off to stay below the imputed income amount. Would I have to go to court to adjust this amount to a more realistic one?


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    Maintenance enforcement agencies enforce existing Orders

    IT does not have to be the recipient of support who files the separation agreement and registers with FRO. Often times it is in the payor's interest to go through FRO so you do not have to deal with your ex with regards to money.

    I would strongly recommend that you do not proceed with any "self help" by not paying full amount Ordered. If you do, make sure you put the difference in a separate account in the event you end up in court and are ordered to pay this.

    Any changes to support (increasing imputed income) would require a successful order to change existing order.


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      FRO will take the SA. Its an order regardless of whether it has a judges stamp on it.

      You canít subtract the cell phone amount from the cs. Its guideline amount and thats the law.

      If her working impacts SS then thats a different ball game that will require a new order.

      Your kids are 14 and 12. They donít have to talk to you if they donít want to and your ex doesnít have to force them. She does have to provide you with a means to reach them like a phone number or email address. Thats it.


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        ok - I'm not actually worried about FRO - as I mentioned I've paid everytime regardless of her intentional underemployment.

        I don't know how to resolve this communication issue. I don't want to have to get rid of my home phone and not answer my cell phone as it will just escalate things but she isn't making any effort to change things. My kids do want to talk to me ( thankfully) but she always has an excuse.

        Any advice?


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          Do the children have access to a computer? Can you skype with them?

          Even if you got them cell phones, theres nothing to stop your ex from taking them away or making them not answer when they are with her.

          You could also not answer your phone when she calls.

          Its an unfortunate situation but you cant fix stupid. You have equal access and the kids have a good relationship with you. If you want to get them a cell phone do it but know it may just cause another layer of idiocy on her part. The kids will be old enough soon to tell her they want to talk to you. Showing her it bothers you just feeds her glee.

          I wouldnt worry about it.


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            To quote Sheldon Cooper who in turn was quoting a mailman, "Bitches be crazy."

            Just let your kids know that you are available to them whenever, make sure they have your tel, text, and email and RELAX.

            They are kids. Kids don't feel the need to reach out unless they are needy. If you have a good relationship, then they know they are loved and love you.

            You and the kids will survive not talking to each other for a few days.


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              Just buy the cell phones and pay the bills... you canít subtract from CS... my husband pays full CS and we also pay $50 a month for his 12 year old sons cellphone so we can communicate with the kids.

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                No, you canít remove that amount from the monthly CS. She will be happy to report you and get in trouble. FRO can report you to
                credit buro and screw your credit score. Be smart.

                You can suggest to pay half of the cell phone bill and pay half
                or full for the cell phone. If it doesnít work, then get a kid
                a cell phone yourself


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