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  • Self employed/corporation.....

    I know this is an unusual case and might not be able to be answered here but I will give it a try.

    Ex is incorporated. He has submitted his tax info to me but I dispute his expenses. We have both our original legal agreement and an amendment filed last year.

    Would this be a motion to change (for a new child support?) or a whole new application?


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    Is he filing for a change to cs?


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      No, I would be asking for the change.

      He was the original applicant (in 2013). I was the respondent. Does that make a difference?


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        Also, do you take off spousal support before calculating child support?


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          I believe that its simply a motion to change child support (but I could be wrong) and Im not sure how the applicant/respondent element works but part of your argument is to request specific expenses he claims to be rejected.

          Maybe look through canlii? I have seen some cases of self employed where judges rejected specific expenses for child support purposes.


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