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pension or other asset? how did yoiu slpit and why?

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  • pension or other asset? how did yoiu slpit and why?


    Working through the financial settlement. I am wondering if you would share in your equalization, did you split the pension and why or why not?

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    The algorithm is usually as follows:

    Pension is worth $350,000. Do I have $175,000 (possibly through house equity)?

    a) Yes! --> Pension is not split, pay her $175,000
    b) No! --> Damn. Pension is split.


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      pension stuff will need to get evaluated by an actuary. hopefully that cost can be split.

      psychologically it can be a very bitter pill to know your ex could be receiving cheques from the pension that you worked for - most people juggle everything to avoid it (that I know in that situation )


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        I kept my pension intact. My ex got the RRSP instead. It was in his name, though the money in them was from my spousal contributions, which sucked, yes. We did it that way mainly for simplicity. The amounts were not quite equal but we didn't have to bother with any paperwork to have money change hands or accounts change names, and we considered the reduced hassle worth it.


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