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Confused about section 7 and subsidy

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  • Confused about section 7 and subsidy

    Hello all

    My ex served me papers about a week ago. In them she asks for long list of orders to be made. What I’m confused about is the section 7 expenses for daycare.
    She states that I have not paid my share of the daycare expenses. our S3 has been in daycare 3 days a week since before we separated the full cost of which is covered by subsidy.
    I asked my lawyer why she would ask for that and her reply was, “ maybe her lawyer made a mistake in putting that in the papers”
    I’ve been reading on the forum and it seems as though any costs after subsidies are to be split according to income.
    Those costs being $0 why would she ask for this ?
    It should be noted that she applied for subsidy about a month before I moved in with her and when we talked about daycare I was adamant we could not aford it. To which she replied “it will be free”. The only document I have seen regarding subsidy is a letter stating that the full costs would be covered by subsidy.

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    Has she provided receipts with her motion? If not you request proof of the cost and proof of the subsidy.


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      what amount of contribution is she asking?

      I am dealing with subsidy as well, there is like a very low monthly fee and cost when child is taken out. Child can be taken out 30 days a year and there is unlimited sick days. So you should not have to pay for days child was sick from school. Get attendance record from school. Also , the amount is so small that mom should be able to cover. It's not a $3000 / month daycare issue.

      I have been successfully defeating mom's request for contribution to subsidy daycare for over 3 years. Mom didn't consult with you and you did not agree to daycare. Same as me. Also, you don't have a final order that says you have to pay daycare - so you are not doing anything wrong. Lastly, hopefully you are able to look after child when child is in daycare, otherwise, you can't really push back on daycare. - Where is child supposed to be when mom is at work ?

      I also assume you have every-other weekend crap job to dad access. Subsidized will limit how much time you can have.

      What is your access schedule like ?

      Also, you need to see receipts (and then decide if you want it or not), and note that minimum wage is going up to $14 an hour in January. Mom's income must be factored in, and tax benefits she gets must also be factored in.

      Don't agree to daycare if you can look after child at those times. Keep pushing back. It would make perfect sense for child to be with parent over stranger / grandparent, etc.
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