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  • What information to ask for?

    Hi All, I return to this kind community for advice. here is the scenario.

    The other parent lives abroad in UAE.
    I have full custody for our son and reside in Ontario.

    Last year at a motion the other parent suggested that they weren't working, but might start working later in the year, based on that the judge imputed a minimum wage income (minimum wage from 2013. judicial error?) and ordered CS of $157/m - there was no request for S7 so that was not ordered.

    Also a yearly exchange of financial disclosure was ordered at anniversary of the order

    I have now discovered a newspaper interview of the other parent which they gave as a working Canadian Expat one month before last year's motion, proving that they were working in UAE and mislead the court about their employment.

    During the past year in couple of emails they also mentioned that they have to go to work (by mistake i assume)

    The other party has also not given their financial disclosure which was due on April 15th. since the other parent was not here until early June I did not discuss the issue.

    I intend to send the other parent a from 20 requesting financial disclosure.
    I however would like to know what is the appropriate information I can ask about their employment abroad.
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