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Defining "reconciled"

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  • Defining "reconciled"

    The order states that the day care payments will be reconciled each June 1st.

    So if a statement of reconciliation is sent does that meet the requirement? Or does that include the payment of any amount owing to either party?

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    January 1 - December 31, 2016 Daycare for WonderChild

    January $ xxx
    June, etc. $ total day care for 2016

    % mother - XXXXX $
    % father - XXXXX $

    Then list payments received by mother/father

    Total Owing to mother/father for daycare 2016 - $

    This is what I see the statement intends.


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      Oh trust me we have sent that and more. We sent receipts and % etc. The issue is that this year Mom did not use daycare as much and therefore the reconciliation shows that Dad paid more than he should have for this year. He is demanding this money back now!

      We tried asking FRO to apply the amount against the arrears but they will not without a court order which of course would Take a long time plus cost money.

      Considering he has owed Mom these arrears for 3 years, and chose to pay them off at a rate of $111.02 per month VAP schedule therefore meaning it will take 3 years to pay off , she is not inclined to believe that he will pay off the arrears and therefore is not inclined to pay him the reconciled amount until the arrears are paid off.

      Stalemate means look at the agreement wording.

      "Arrears to be paid of forthwith" .

      Which should have meant right away but he has not paid them off over the past year and only just recently, to avoid wage garnishment, entered a VAP schedule which will take 3 years to pay off the arrears.

      "The parties shall review the quantum of daycare costs that should have been paid to the Respondant by the Applicant each zjune 1 and shall reconcile any underpayment or overpayment for the previous 12 months and adjust the proportion to be paid by each".

      So Mom takes this to mean we do a running reconciliation each year and adjust the payments as required. Dad pays a set amount each month which is a base daycare amount less tax benefit and proportionate to income.

      Mom can ask for the daycare payments to be paused, but in this case that will not work because she will not be using daycare anymore as Child is in full time school.


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        A court Order you can obtain yourself without a lawyer.

        How much money are we talking here? Doesn't your daughter have to provide receipts to the father before she is paid?

        VAP for 3 years is pretty standard. I've heard of longer arrangements. He would have to pay the 111.00/month on top of his regular child support + daycare.

        What recommendations do FRO have? Surely this is a common situation that they encounter?

        If your daughter was overpaid daycare then she owes the father. Perhaps she can make a VAPs agreement with FRO as well? (wouldn't that be something...)


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