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    Originally posted by Tandem80 View Post
    Mmmm well doesn't hurt to make another chart with meal expenses deducted I'll see what my lawyer says. The forms were provided to me by my employer to claim at income tax time.

    As you know, you do not necessarily have to be self-employed to claim meals at tax time. Does your accountant submit a CRA "Declaration of Conditions of Employment" with your taxes each year? Form T2200E (is this the form to which you are referring to?). This form is also used to claim other work-required expenditures. If you have these expenses in order to carry out your work then they should be included in your calculations for family court as well.

    The whole idea is that you need to give judge guidance on what is and is not a reasonable business/employment expense for purpose of determining income for support payments. Once these ongoing expenses are hammered out you can claim them on a go-forward basis in years to come when figuring out support obligations.


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      Originally posted by arabian View Post
      Ex and I owned a trucking company and I'm from Alberta so I am very much aware of oilfield. You don't work/stay in camp at all do you?
      I'll pm you


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