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CCB included income?

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  • CCB included income?

    Is it true CCB benefits is included in recipients income for Section 7 expense calculations? Would a judge include that amount, line 150 and amount received in child support to determine if an expense is "extraordinary"

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    No. Her line 150 is used for the split. To determine if its extraordinary, the judge may consider the incomes of both parties, the amount of the expense and what the situation was before separation.

    For instance: if you could not afford competitive hockey while married and then kid was registered and you were expected to pay 80%, a judge may not allow the cost.


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      Line 36 Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) received for children for whom you are requesting special or extraordinary expenses

      You may have deducted the UCCB when you used Worksheet 1 to calculate your annual income. You can do that because the UCCB is not considered as income when you determine a child support amount. But when you calculate special or extraordinary expenses, you need to put back into your income the amount of UCCB received for the child whose expenses you are calculating. Write the amount on this line.

      If someone else in your household claimed the UCCB for that child for tax purposes, you should determine that amount and include it on this line.

      If you are considering special or extraordinary expenses for more than one child living with you most of the time and for whom you receive the UCCB, add back in all UCCB amounts and enter the total on this line?

      So much conflicting information ☹️


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        Youre grasping at straws here. Plus the child tax benefit has changed since the FCSG were introduced.

        The bottom line on expenses is this: if it isnt necessary day care, medical over $100 a year or educational, she needs to get your permission first. If she is claiming things like pizza day or $10 school trips, its not extra ordinary.

        Look at the items she is claiming and if you disagree you simply argue that she never sought your approval, the items do not pass the test of extra ordinary and you do not agree to them.


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