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    Out financial situation before separation is already in a bad shape
    While I am trying to keep food costs down husband is enjoying a different life style.
    After few comments I made he started to trash store receipts
    I am on Ei (looking for a job , so there is no confusion here) and he has work
    I was thinking of going at the bank and close the common account to prevent future debits.
    I know it may not be the best solution in the near future but I disagree paying for car detailing , Oakley, Calvin Klein while I am using Flip to find grocery deals and coupons.
    I was thinking of splitting the accounts and we pay common bills in percentage considering our income.

    With the debts that was accumulated ... well this will be another story...

    Has anyone been in this situation ? Do you think this is best ?

    Thanks all for reading this. Good luck wherever you are ..

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    obviously if he is the one working then he is more then likely bringing in more money. I dont think you can close a joint account without his authorization.

    You have to be able to come up with the money to pay half the bills like mortgage etc.

    You should open your own account and start putting your money into it, you will have to do that eventually anyways.


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      We do not have a mortgage and i am on Ei
      That is half of how much he is making . Because he has work he is draining the credit line spending more than he is making.


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