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Court in a week, what to expect???

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  • Court in a week, what to expect???

    I have court in one week. Was served a week ago.

    What can I expect from this? My lawyer said I do not need to be at the first court date.

    I am meeting with her on Friday to have my exhibits witnessed.

    This is all over Section 7(f) expenses that I have not been aware of. And one expense I did not agree to. Our agreement states to obtain consent for any and all proposed exp need or there will be no contribution. And to not unreasonabley withhold consent. How can I be unreasonable when I haven't seen or heard about the expenses until just now seeing her exhibits?

    Both of us agree we would like a budget set in place. Other than that I do not think my ex understands our agreement or what section 7 (f) expenses truly are when it comes to being extraordinary.

    I feel I have lots of good back up. I am asking for her to pay my costs as she has been unreasonable to try to negotiate this outside of court.
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