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Court need help with case law

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  • Court need help with case law

    I am heading to court. Just got served and prepared a response to my ex wife's affidavit. So many lies she has told. I have plenty of exhibits to show emails, text messages and bank records.

    What I need is the best case law regarding extra-ordinary extra-curricular activities. First she has brought forward receipts I have never seen and for activities she has never made me aware of. I would also argue they are not extraordinary in any way. She wants to be able to hand me a receipt and I pay no questions asked. Can that happen?

    In her affidavit she said she wants a budget for sports per child per year. We emailed her telling her we are in agreement to that so let's do it. She states she wants a meeting with the lawyers. I think it's a waste of lawyers fees. Especially when I am agreeable to what she is wanting? Can I ask for her to pay my lawyer fees since she is clearly being unreasonable?

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    Do you have a separation agreement already?


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      Yes I do. Since 2010.

      We are to seek consent for contribution for any Section 7 expenses prior to them being made. She claims she does not need my consent for Section 7 re:extra-ordinary, extra curricular as they are not a choice or an option.


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