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  • S7 Reconciliation

    Is there a timeframe that is used for reconciling S7?

    I'd rather do the reconciliation right after the expense or monthly, but ex saving it all up since November 2016. I'm not sure what he's added in there, so that makes me nervous, as everything's a battle.
    The morning chambers order is very vague and gives no time detail.

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    I dont think there is anything enforceable. My partners agreement says receipts will be submitted "promptly" but that doesnt stop them from being withheld. His benefits company has a max submission of 12 months so anything from before that cant be claimed.

    You could give the medical providers your benefits info so they can bill directly saving that problem? Then you would only need to reconcile the remainder of the expense?

    Remember too that you pay the net cost--which is the amount after the tax deduction.


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