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    He comes from a place of bitterness and resentment. He's very distrustful and challenges me on everything. His words were that he believed me but needed the proof to see it.

    He fully admits he has emotionally committed relationships, but he cheats all the time. He claims it comes with his industry (aviation) as he is constantly on the road and has needs. First wife, divorced because he slept with a stewerdress when his other daughter was months old. Then, he told me on the phone just last week he's dating a new girl, but trying not to get any of the other women pregnant because he can't afford 3 kids. I actually also had coffee with another women he had on the side, at the same time as me. She met me for coffee and lunch on a different day, and was super nice. She held my baby through lunch just to give me a break.

    But he's distrustful of me... Go figure.


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