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Financial disclosures, IT owner incorporation, imputed income

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  • Financial disclosures, IT owner incorporation, imputed income

    Final court order has him presumed imputed income $xx.xx. It also has a clause that the onus is on me to establish and prove if I believe its higher. Likewise, the onus is on him to establish if he believes its lower.

    The provisions for financial disclosures is to follow Rule 21.

    My ex is IT consultant who owns Ont Inc.

    As per Rule 21 he provided:
    T1 General
    Financial statement of his corporation (self delivered)
    Printout of payroll taxes paid

    I almost feel this is not enough information to really know what he real and true income is.

    I asked him to provide additional info like:

    Bank statements
    Expenses receipts to support his expenses.

    He refused stating that he provided everything what was requested of him based on court order.

    What to do?

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    My recommendation is that you figure out how to start supporting yourself rather than living off your ex. I feel sorry for this guy....jeez.


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      Sounds like my ex.......always worried that she didn't get all my money.


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        Your ex is self-employed and it is not unreasonable to request details of his business operating expenses along with corroborating documentation. He will likely stall (which will be costly to you) but I think eventually an Order will ensue directing him to provide the information. Then he can stall on that as well though. Just be aware that getting detailed financial information can take time (sometimes years).


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          Thanks, arabian. All previous responses are useless. It is better to skip answering than telling me to get off my ex. The money is not for me. I refer to CS. If my ex makes by $50k-100k more a year than what he is currently paying CS on- makes huge difference. If my order states that the onus is on me to establish that - I need to do it. I can't based on the documents he provided.

          Is it reasonable to request court's order for him to disclose all invoices and bank statements along with business receipts?


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