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FRO and CPI increases

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  • FRO and CPI increases

    My EX has decide to register with FRO (Ontario). First thing I knew about it was receiving the letters with my PIN number and the one asking my employer to deduct SS at source. Lovely

    My separation agreement states that SS is a fixed amount adjusted by the CPI once a year. Will FRO take this into account?

    If they don't, is my EX responsible to asking them to make the adjustment every year? I certainly don't intend to as the CPI is almost guaranteed to be an increase.


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    FRO will automatically adjust your SS owing based on the previous year's CPI. They will notify you of this early in the New Year and advise you of the new amount owing. Their job is to enforce court orders and separation agreements filed with the court, so if your agreement contains that language, they will enforce it every year.

    That is also in my SA and FRO changes the amount upward every year.


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      Was the same for my husband, but his was adjusted in July each year. July was when the support payments started.


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        KW, Paris, thanks for the info.


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