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  • FRO and "arrears"

    This story came up this month:

    Most Ontario Ministries or agencies get a heads up on the Ombuds reports and FRO would have started to "fix" the problems in the report. One of the big problems was FRO wasn't enforcing orders filed.

    If the few posts popping up are holding true it seems that FRO is going through ALL their files to determine if there are arrears. This is causing a bit of panic. Reason number one is that many orders for support were automatically filed with FRO but support payors were able to pay their ex directly without FRO involvement.

    My best advice in these instances is this: take a deep breath and then call FRO at the number in the letter. Advise them you never had enforcement through FRO and are able to provide proof of payment. More than likely they will require you and your ex to sign a voluntary withdrawal form. You may want to also speak with your ex preemptively.

    Also, contact the ombudsman office at and lodge a complaint as this lets them know that this was one of the results of their investigation and recommendation.

    P.S. FRO may seem like a good idea but it is miles behind other provinces as there is no easy way to update or change orders through them similar to MEP in Alberta.
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