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FRO garnishment, 2 recipients

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  • FRO garnishment, 2 recipients

    Anyone have any idea how the FRO garnishment works if there are two recipients?

    Example (rounded #s)
    Owes $5000 back support to second recipient due to court process, wait for court order, etc etc

    1st recipient court order $1000/month (payor never applied to lower amount when employer changed to less income)
    2nd recipient court order $900/month

    Payors net income $5000 monthly
    Payors rental income $1000 monthly

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    I believe they can only garnish 40% a pay. Not sure if they split that. You may have to call your caseworker and ask.


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      In your case though, the sum of the garnishments is less than 40%, so why would there be a problem?


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        It's the back support owed that I'm thinking may affect things with the first recipient. It's at about $5000 to date.

        I'm sort of wondering how much to expect to start receiving and also wondering if any of my support, related to the back support, will affect the first recipient.

        It's not really my problem, but I'm expecting this women to get mad at me if my support should affect hers in any way... Although that should be the payors issue, not mine.


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          Oh my gosh! A lightbulb just went off!

          The payor is paid twice a month, but child support is only paid once... What a mistake on my part! Aren't all the payors glad I'm not doing the calculations?!


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