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How would asset be split if person A put 80% downpayment when purchasing home.

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  • How would asset be split if person A put 80% downpayment when purchasing home.

    4 months into marriage, person A puts in 500K downpayment for 600K home. Home is worth now 850K and it's paid off.

    What would person A and person B get? For sure, any equity built up between marriage and now is split in half. the appreciation of 250K will be split in half.

    How would the 600K purchase be split. Would person A's 400K be exempt because it's "property that is purchased with income from exempt property" under the MPA act?
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    Once you put that money into shared property, is is split 50-50. In order to keep exempt money separate, you must keep it aside.


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      As I understand it, once person A puts money into a jointly held asset with person B, the money is considered to be part of the family property that is equalized. It's no longer "his/her money", it becomes "our money" as soon as it is put towards something that "we" both own. The only way person A's contribution would be exempt from equalization is if s/he put it into something in his/her name only - e.g. purchased a GIC in his/her own name or bought property in one name only. So I think the equity in the house ($850K, if it's all paid off) is split equally between A and B.


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