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  • Confused about 13.1

    Newbie question...I separated from my ex in June 2013. I'm now filling out form 13.1.

    There are date boxes that say for the 12 months from (date) to (date) on Parts 1 to 4, what date should I enter there? Should I enter our separation date in the FROM and today's date in the TO?

    Are parts 1 to 8 a snapshot of my current financial situation?

    Any advice on how to properly fill out 13.1 would be appreciated.

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    That form comes in two parts. The equalization part wants the date of marriage and the date of separation. That's for dividing up the assets and debts accumulated during the marriage.

    The other part wants to know what your income and expenses are for the last twelve months. That's for determining if you need to received, or can afford to pay, spousal support. So yes, it is a snapshot of your current financial situation.

    Apparently judges expect that to be somewhat fudged data. As in, people budget for expenses they may not incur. For example: it's reasonable to get a $15 haircut every few weeks. So put that, even if you buzz your hair yourself at home with a beard trimmer.

    If nobody is making a claim for spousal support, you may even be able to leave that part blank? Ask your lawyer. Speaking of lawyers: be very careful! Mine billed me hours of work to check math I had already triple checked myself.


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