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    X trying to change CS due to lower income .. forwarded financial paper that he was supposed to send to FRO office, for me it does not make any sense making $1650 a month total of almost $ 20thousand a year where his CRA assessment shows his income was $12.950.00 for last yr as a self contractor... no paystub attached for the income he is making, also he is living in high income area and saying he pays $800 a month for rent and other stupid thing like grocery, phone bill, etc.... . My question is do I have the right to ask for the pay stubs ha's getting also for the rent contract before agreeing to any changes.
    many thanks

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    If you have an agreement in place you can ask for his financial information once per year, this usually happens in july. You would ask for financial discolsure including:

    - full tax return
    - notice of assessment
    - most recent paystub.

    You have no right to ask for his rental information at all as it is entirely unrelated to income used to calculate CS and it's really just none of your business.


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      I do find it interesting that you refer to his rent, groceries and bills as 'stupid things', but difficult to understand why you consider them stupid?


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        great.... thanks for the reply


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          If his income has changed and he can prove this then his cs changes too. Right now it has gone down, in the future it may go up.

          He has to live. If he doesnt have a place to sleep or food to eat how is he supposed to work to pay you child support?


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            I believe the answers are the same as when you posted the same question earlier this year:


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