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Reduce SS for retirement

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  • Reduce SS for retirement

    Has anyone had any luck and/or advice in reducing SS as you approach retirement? I would like to enjoy retirement soon like her???

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    Did your divorce order/separation agreement specify when SS would end or is it considered "indefinite"?

    My ex has taken me to court over 8 times trying to end SS. After having gone through 3 lawyers he still cannot show a material change of circumstances.

    In one of your previous posts you asked the same question. Links asked you many questions to which you have not yet responded.


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      Yes, I'm subject to the 65 rule, indefinite.


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        These were Links questions from another post:

        Answer these questions:

        How long has it been?

        What was your family income at the time of marriage?

        What was her role/sacrifice during the marriage?

        What is the custody arrangement?

        What was her income at seperation time?

        How much are you paying now?

        What was her career path before the marriage?

        What is her income now

        I would add this question:

        1. Was your retirement anticipated and/or discussed/referred to at the time of your divorce/separation agreement?


        Sorry, the questions Links posted were directed to another poster. However, they are relevant to your own situation.
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