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Child tax credits since 2012

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  • Child tax credits since 2012

    As part of our separation agreement, my ex and I were to split everything in regards to child care ( the good and the bad ) . When it comes to child tax credits we were each to get 6 months worth per year .

    My ex has been the only one who ever received any of the money ( since 2012 ) and she won't even tell me how much she has received from the government and of course she has never offered up any of it .

    Revenue Canada will not provide any of the info to me either .

    Is there any way I can find out how much she has received since 2012 ?

    we live in Ontario and there are 2 of our 3 kids still under the age of 18 .

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    How much she's received is irrelevant to you and CRA would never be allowed to discuss her account with you. You need to ensure your agreement is properly worded and apply to CRA for your own tax benefits. You can make a claim retroactively but not sure how far back. If it's accepted, she would be on the hook to pay back a portion of what she received that she wasn't entitled to.

    Basically, you're barking up the wrong tree. Stop talking to your ex and cra about her benefits and get to working directly with cra on your own benefits.


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