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    Ex left matrimonial house in 2011.
    Verbally stated he made "x" amount of money and had email transfered me $, from himself and sometimes from his gf.
    "Child support" started in December 2014.

    Child support which was disclosed in November 2015, exposed almost a $20,000 higher amount than what was verbally disclosed.

    I've obtained the past three years of income which is again substainly higher than what was verbally disclosed.

    I've been directed for the past several months to NOT accept email transfer from the ex's gf, as child support should be forwarded from the parent.

    I have never with held my child from seeing his father, and continue to meet halfway every other weekend. Haven't received child support in months.

    - am I eligible to request retro child support from 2011 ?
    - what's the benefit for dishonestly sharing inaccurate information, as the judge has seen the past three years of income tax?

    Any feedback would greatly be appreciated.

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    I am not sure that you would be able to claim the amounts from 2011 to 2014. Did you ask for CS then? I think you may only be able to go back three years.

    Do you have a court order for CS? Why did the CS stop? Who cares if the email transfers were from his or his GF, as long as you were getting it. It doesn't matter who sends it, as long as you get it.


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      No court order for CS.
      CS stopped as the gf was told from the exs lawyer to not act as the messanger, the ex has chosen to not forward CS.
      Request for CS since the day ex left.
      Only email available was from 2014 to prove request.


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