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  • To Go Through Fro or Not

    Hi everyone

    Separation is pending.

    There's a good chance my 18 year old who will be attending post-secondary for 4 years starting this year will be living with my spouse and I'll be paying child support (around $450 according to my lawyer). I'll be receiving spousal support of around $150 according to my lawyer.

    There's no question I'll pay the child support. I can't rely on my spouse paying the spousal suppoort, but I'm not overly worried as long as I'm paying child support because I imagine I could just pay less child support if he doesn't pay me my spousal. Or am I completely wrong about that?

    Prime purpose of this post is what are people's experience with FRO? I'd rather not use them if I don't have to because it seems like a pain to go through them for any type of amendment and to terminate the payments. I don't foresee my spouse and I going to court, so FRO would be optional (I'm hoping).

    So much to think about when separating, I'm now regretting ever getting married!


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    fro takes a bit to kick in so there maybe a couple of months where your ex isn't getting the CS. It isn't a cut and dried as you think if your child is going to be going to post secondary education. You should use the search feature to research it as that is a whole different beast.

    I don't think fro will allow you to drop the amount your ex owes you for SS off what you owe for CS. I think they would treat them as two different things.

    I would avoid fro if possible. If you and the ex are getting along reasonably then there is no reason to involve fro and all its hassles. If there was bad blood and conflict between the two of you then fro would be the way to go as it cuts down on contact.


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      If your separation is pending it means your agreement is also not finalized. It would be best to have the amount to be paid listed as an offset for the next four years. If the spousal is longer than four years then request that the wording is the cs is payable and ss is payable and the offset amount is to be paid until xxx date at $300 per month. That way if he does screw you by going to FRO youre protected for the $150 hes supposed to pay and the four years you owe.

      Just my two cents but your lawyer may have better info.


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        My fiancÚ is a payor and fro has been the best thing, it has completely eliminated the hassle/arguments between him and ex. Only downside is still a hassle for year support changes due to income. I wish the two had gone through fro from the beginning, would have saved a lot of trouble.


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          Thanks everyone! All input much appreciated.

          It took a while for me to get back because I've been helping my children a fair amount with their next levels of education and updating their resumes/searching for additional part-time jobs, as well as trying to find a place to live.

          I have severe anxiety and have been trying to check out Fro myself and am getting a bit befuddled, and now have many more questions, but will attempt to navigate their website on a day my anxiety isn't at peak levels so I don't inundate the nice people here with my questions.

          Does anyone know if you can go through Fro if your separation hasn't been filed in court? That question just popped into my mind when I was reading Fro's website.

          Thanks again.


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            FRO operates on Court Orders.

            It's not that difficult to navigate. Your order will automatically be sent to FRO and you will receive a package that you need to fill in.

            This package is the tricky part. There is,an arrears statement and you have to interpret your order exactly as it is stated. Same dates and amounts. That's how you calculate arrears.

            The other party also gets a package and they complete the information as well. The whole,process takes a couple of months. Meanwhile either party can make payments to FRO so as not to get into more arrears.

            Important to develop a good friendly relationship with your case advisor. He or she is your lifeline to,information,and,actions to be taken., always be super polite and praise their efforts. I have found it gets you a lot further ahead.

            There is FRO on,one now. Which allows you to see the balances and post if rotation etc. Just getting my account setup now.


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              Originally posted by Beachnana View Post
              There is FRO on,one now. Which allows you to see the balances and post if rotation etc. Just getting my account setup now.
              Did your case worker have to set you up with this? I haven't seen anything about the online access yet?


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                Thanks Beachnana

                I tried editing my previous post saying the advice I was being given by everyone who replied was excellent and extremely helpful, but I guess I was past whatever limits are in place to do so.

                Another question that came to mind is if you have to actually go appointments in a Fro office at any time to see a caseworker or if it can be done by telephone, email, and/or mailing in documents.

                My anxiety is such that it's extremely hard for me to leave my home (Agoraphobia). I know that sounds weird, but it could be a deciding factor for me.


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                  You will have to mail some documents in and the rest can be handled over the phone, no need to make sppointments.


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                    Originally posted by momof2teenboys View Post
                    Did your case worker have to set you up with this? I haven't seen anything about the online access yet?
                    Yes my case worker set me up. I am just waiting for the online key. I register for the Ontario "one step" and then I have to enter in this. Umber and then I have online access. I think it's fairly new. But will be handy


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                      It's all done by phone and mail or fax. No personal contact.


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                        Going through a maintenance enforcement agency is free. Takes a bit to get set up (they will tell you what documents you need). I think the biggest bonus is not having to have to deal with one's ex anymore. Now that Ontario is online, people will see how handy it is to be able to print out statements for court or tax time without having to phone. FRO or MEP send you a registration package and you complete and that's about all you have to do. You might be able to get the information online.


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