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Contesting Legal Fees

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  • Contesting Legal Fees

    What sort of recourse is there if you feel your lawyer has billed you illegitimately? My lawyer accomplished little or nothing over the past three months, yet he just billed me for $5k in legal fees.

    I know this question has probably been asked countless times, so I apologize in advance.

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    Answering my own question.

    Your Legal Bill - Too High? | The Law Society of Upper Canada


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      Accomplishing nothing and doing nothing are not the same thing. Keep in mind before you go through the assessment process (which is time consuming) that depending how conflictual your matter is it can be difficult to get much done with 5K.

      It might be worth your time to take your bill to another lawyer and get their thoughts on the invoice - to see if they concur it was unfair.

      This speaks more to a broken system than a specific lawyer.


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        I've been at this for awhile, and have been retaining this lawyer on and off for the past couple of years. In this particular case he was clearly milking the itemizations. I'm debating whether it's worth the trouble of contesting via the OCJ.


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          OCJ lack jurisdiction to assess fees


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            Originally posted by Kinso View Post

            OCJ lack jurisdiction to assess fees
            You're right. I wonder how many contested fees filed are actually dismissed. I couldn't find any statistics on the subject. Likely most people just bite the bullet and make payments.

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              Hey there, You are not alone in having questionable billed items!
              Do not be intimidated.
              First try talking it over with the lawyer.
              Lawyers do make mistakes; others just run wild in grabbing your hard earned is the latter that need exposing and accountability.
              Good luck!

              Many people do not realize that they CAN have the bill formally assessed (personally, I think this fact should be stated in the retainer)


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