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Supporting documentation for small business expenses

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  • Supporting documentation for small business expenses

    I am being asked for invoices by the exs lawyer for small business. If i provide the visa statements, will that be sufficient in front of the court ?
    The expenses are not excessive according to my accountant and my lawyer.

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    I'd never except visa or mastercard statements.

    Invoices and bank statements which can be corroborated with HST/GST reports are a much better request. They have only requested "invoices" so give them the invoices.

    An accountant and your lawyer are going to tell you what you want to hear (accountant is thinking along the lines of what is and isn't acceptable to CRA).

    The other side's position is likely: How you pay your income taxes is not of interest to a spouse of someone who is self-employed.

    What is of interest to your ex is all those expenses which are acceptable for tax filing but which have to be added back on to your income for determination of support.
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      Thanks. I guess i have to provide copies of thermal receipts then?

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