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    I'm not sure if he sees Kid as a way to make money off me (he's already getting offset CS and S7). I think it may be more that these money squabbles are the only ways left for him to get at me. I've moved on, have a nice home, a long-term relationship with a great guy, a successful professional life, a circle of friends, and a strong and fun parental bond with Kid - none of which I had when we were married. The only thing ex can do to get my attention these days is throw fits about money every few weeks. Unfortunately, after a 20 year whacked-out marriage, his fit-throwing can still hit me emotionally and it's sometimes hard to think clearly. This forum is very useful in helping me to sort out what is worth responding to and what is just nonsense.

    (I just got the anticipated ranting email about how greedy and arrogant I am because I don't agree that ski boots are an S7 expense, complete with vague threats about "weighing his options very carefully". Another one that doesn't need a response).


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      It sounds to me like you have the right attitude about it. You can't change other people. Your gratitude for your current life is clear. I say keep on with that


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        Ex bought a phone to s8. A smartphone. Because it will decrease our communication, she said. Our communications are by email only so I refused having any part with the phone due to his age. I broke into it and saw inappropriate stuff. I filtered it it would be OK if he called his mom or picked it up when she calls. He never does. Just another toy that got boring. Too young for a phone.


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          Going through similar issue with S12 - got him a Samsung model (better than the one I have). He rejected it. Ex to get him Iphone 5s. As I had already provided one with a payment plan for him I would not agree to it being an S7 expense - however - in research - I have seen that the courts do indicate in many instances that a cell phone IS an S7 expense.
          And in regards to accessories? Arbitrated award stated that S7 was for expenses relating to the enrollment/registration of activities. Ex feels that this is to include but not limited: hockey tape, laces, money for use of the slide at the local pool (during a summer camp), tennis lessons put on by the Club pro while she and the kids are on vacation....I could go on....and have in the past...LOL


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            Originally posted by thefunone View Post
            ...however - in research - I have seen that the courts do indicate in many instances that a cell phone IS an S7 expense...
            I have not seen this to be the case, in any case-law I have come across. Like I mentioned in another thread, the only time I saw this come up, is that parents were already in agreement on splitting costs of cell phone - the "is this a section 7 expense" question, never had to be figured out by a judge.

            If anyone has seen cases where this was actually determined, it would be nice to include linkes, so we can reference them.


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