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Financial Disclosure or a fishing trip?

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  • Financial Disclosure or a fishing trip?

    I have round 2 of mediation coming up next month.

    I know that the attorney general's website indicates that "You have a right to complete and honest information about your spouse’s financial affairs before you make any decisions. Do not sign anything until you are sure you have all the information you need"

    However my ex's financials make no sense. My former lawyer had requested form 13 financials plus bank statements. However, only the form 13s were provided.

    My daughter had told me that her mother was married to another dude, and they split. There is a belief that he's paying support from myself, my former lawyer, and even some of the other lawyers and accountants who I spoke to. Do I have a right to know this? as I've seen cases where judges have reduced support obligations when there's a second payor.

    Should I be reminding her lawyer of this requirement? or do I need to cite specific legislation (which I'm not sure where to find that)? Ex has a LAO lawyer, so I just see this as another thing that they won't do.


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    Do I have a right to know this?
    Spousal support is tax deductible for the payor, and incurs a liability for the recipient.

    If she received spousal support in a previous tax year then her income tax return should help.


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