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Business expense receipts requested via form 20

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  • Business expense receipts requested via form 20

    So, still haven't got to first case yet.provided all NOA, financial statements and the request came me to provide receipts. I have to make copies of multiple receipts in a short period of time and over the busy holidays.
    Can i extend? Is it there right? What is behind the request?

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    What they are likely trying to do is look for expenses that may not be expenses for child support sake. For example there are a lot of cases where mileage gets included into income for CS calculations.


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      eg. your "salary" from your own company is 100k. You had a one month business trip to Australia. Seeing the invoices (flight/hotel/meals) for $15K they will argue that it wasn't a business trip, it was a pleasure trip, so they will ask the judge to add this to your income. Then you will need to pay spousal support, child support, s7 expenses based on $115K.


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