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Final Separation Agreement. Car stuff.

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  • Final Separation Agreement. Car stuff.

    Well I posted years ago and I'm done.
    My ex begged me not to go to a lawyer, then went to a lawyer.
    Affidavits full of outlandish lies. Her affidavits contradicted each other. Blatantly. Didn't matter. Cost me $20,000 to settle out of court. I asked for mediation and she refused. Once we lawyered up we asked for mediation, she refused again. We served notice To Mediate, and they countered with forced sale of house an spousal support (interim) TWO YEARS+ after she left. We make close to the same money. We went to a judicial case conference. She claimed she did not work the entire marriage which was a blatant lie. EASY to prove I thought. She said she never worked 18 years of the 21 year marriage. SHE WORKED THE WHOLE MARRIAGE!! and my lawyer asked for documents. The judge said.... NO!!!! Then the judge told her to "get more for the house, try to get as much as possible". BEFORE either of us had disclosed any numbers whatsoever. I was jaw dropped. Then the judge moved her chair towards my ex, grabbed my ex's hands in her hands and said "do you like your job?" My ex said yes, she loved her job. I would NOT have been surprised if the judge gave my ex a back rub. I AM NOT JOKING!!!!! She turned to me and asked what I had to say. I said she had worked the whole marriage. I turned to my ex and said "You are 12 years at your present job alone?" The judge said to me "YOU WILL NOT TALK TO HER LIKE THAT! I'm telling you. Surreal. I googled the judge's name when I got home. I was astounded. She is not fit to be a judge.
    I paid $60,000 for 1/2 the $80,000 equity in the home. I paid the back taxes which she STOLE from our joint property tax account before she left. That was the house.
    The cars question?
    1940 Plymouth Coupe, owned long before the marriage. PROJECT CAR. It's a shell. Never driven or able to run the entire marriage. She went after it. Said she rode up and down the street in it once before the marriage. FAMILY ASSET!!?? lol She was denied anyways.
    I got my 1940 Plymouth Coupe (exempt) a 1969 Nova project my best friend willed to me (alone) a few months before she left (exempt) a moldy 1973 motorhome of no value and a 1973 Jensen Interceptor in rough shape but drivable I paid $3500 for a couple years earlier. She got a 2006 Magnum RT we paid $35,000 for and she claimed was worth $14,000.
    We kept household stuff we had. She took lots more than she left and I didn't care.
    I was told to fight her in court I would lose my house as we had such little equity I didn't have the funds to do a large legal battle. So? I ended up paying her $700 a month spousal for the rest of my working life. Because she lied and the judge had NO interest in a blatantly obvious and easy TAX RETURN SUBMITTAL. Which would prove she was lying as easy as the fact she started her present work TWELVE YEARS BEFORE SHE LEFT. Hard to be "not working 18 years of a 21 year marriage" when your present work was the last twelve years of your marriage.
    That was my separation agreement. Justice? LAUGHABLE. Disgustingly biased court system was my downfall. My lawyer said I would have had different outcome with different judge.
    To ME it was ridiculous. Hard to believe. I'm still stunned. Stunned.

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    And I got some answers here that were WRONG.
    My marital home equity was based on date of court. NOT date of separation.
    My ex paid NOTHING in the years after she left. No mortgage, no property taxes, no maintenance and repairs, NOTHING. She then was entitled to amount owed on mortgage at date of court, NOT date she left.
    She also went after the rise in value of my RRSPs AFTER she left. Tried to get court date value adjustment instead of RRSP worth during marriage only. Thankfully my lawyer saw her pension worth was still fudged and threatened to get her pension properly evaluated. It was the only thing that made her drop the RRSP issue.
    Lies do not fly in court? BULL!!!! Blatant lies, easy to prove. Texts from her SHOWING blatant lies. Affidavits with contradictory blatant lies. And I paid the price.


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