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  • Partial financial disclosure

    So what do you do when the other party makes an application to lower CS then after 3 appearances (FCC and motion) does not produce proper financial disclosure as per court orders?

    We were told to exchange Financial statements with all attachments (mine just needed updating from about 6 months ago). I was handed a bunch of papers from the CRA that were summaries. No financial statement, no attachments, and I do not know if these can pass as NOA's. I emailed nicely asking for everything that was listed on the order.

    It seems like there is no regard for the orders.

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    I'm not familiar with the court process and options. I would look into adding a motion for summary judgement, terminating the case, on the basis of lack of disclosure through three court appearances. If the other party is trying to reduce CS, financial disclosure should be the correct path to follow.


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