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A First For Family Court!!

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  • A First For Family Court!!

    September 9, 2015
    Welland Court

    Will make a long story short....

    Ex filed a contempt of court against me

    I admitted to Contempt of Court

    Judge said maybe a few days in jail will teach you to ignore a court order

    I said - "Can I explain"

    Judge said - Yes

    So I spent the next 10 minutes explaining why the previous judgement made absolutely no sense and what had happened to me in the last 6 years.

    Judges Decision

    Mr (my name) Based on your writing and your conduct in Family Court, you think you are smarter than every family court lawyer and family court judge including me (then he pauses and says...) and you probably are.

    Contempt of Court is dismissed. No Costs.

    I almost fell out of my

    Before he said that, I actually did think that. I didn't know they taught mind reading in law school.

    Now I thinking has slightly changed....

    I think every family court lawyer and family court judge is intellectually inferior to me...except that judge.

    I was thinking about saying "Does that mean you're going to pay me back the 200,000 lawyers, judges and the applicant have stolen from me?" but I didn't want to press my luck.

    How is that for a story? My friends told me to request a copy of the transcript which I might do.

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    Haha, wait till they appeal...


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      Because you are "intellectually" superior than most I have to assume that your recent success in court far out-weighed the 200k you have spent to date. If you were indeed successful then why did you not press for costs?


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        I didn't press for costs because he said "No Costs" and walked into his chamber.

        I wanted to settle out of court. She screwed me because I was nice. My motion to reduce child support and get her on a repayment schedule is next. The Case Conference is October 16. I'm going to ask the Judge what he/she intends to do to repay the child support and spousal support I overpaid and the property claims she still owes me for. And how they intend to reimburse me for screwing me for 6 years. And also to put me on a committee so I can educate these lawyers and judges on how to fix Family Court. We'll start with ripping up the child support guidelines and throw them in the garbage. I actually showed the judge an email I got back from a lawyer who made a presentation to the government in 1997 and she acknowledged the CSG is fraud and she tried to prevent it and they didn't listen to her. Should be interesting. The problem in Family Court is fixable if someone competent steps up to the plate.


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          I wouldn't let one good day in court go to your head. What you are talking about doing is major stuff but good luck.


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            The CSG is law. The only way you change that is lobbying the government to change policy. That is done over years and at this point, there a so many other policy initiatives in line for approval youll be lucky to not be laughed out of a committee.


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              A First For Family Court!!

              This man challenged the CSG.


              The Court cases are on CANLII


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                Mr Khodeir brought civil action against the board members responsible for drafting the CSG in 1997. The methods and formula and rationale used in determining the CSG amounts were actually confidential and not available to the public until 8 years later, wherein many people found flaws and errors in the assumptions involved in the methodology. Regardless of their flaws, they had been Federal Law for 8 years already and they stand to this day.

                Mr Khodeir's action against the board in charge of the CSG was dismissed in full, his complaint was not even heard by a judge, and he was assigned $20,000 in costs as a disincentive for doing so.


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