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  • Pension and RRSP

    When calculating child support each year, both parties take line 150 of their income tax returns.

    I would like to know, are you also suppose to take into consideration work provided pension (line 206) and work provided PRPP (line 208) and add them with line 150?

    My reason for asking is I have heard people who are divorced turn down raises and the company increases their pension or their PRPP employer contributions to hide income so child support does not increase.

    So if line 206 has a pension of say $10k and 208 has an PRPP of $5k (with no RRSP contribution from the person) would this $15k be added to line line 150 to calculate child support?

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    line 208 is a deduction, it is already included in line 150. As for 206 it is just to calculate your limit for next year.

    so in short, no you do not add those amounts to total income on line 150.


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      In some cases you can deduct a few things from line 150 as well, like union and professional dues, and people with commission income can deduct their allowable expenses from line 150.
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